The HUB is the first vibrant commercial complex in China located by Hongqiao transportation hub of Shanghai. Designed to be a new one-stop lifestyle center, it comprises shopping malls, Xintiandi commercial plaza, office buildings, a performance center and hotels. More than 80 restaurants of foods around the world, a large than 10,000-square-meter parent-child zone and IMAX cinema, along with former mentioned facilities, aggregately account for 62,000 square meters of land use and 380,000 square meters of gross floor area. With the comprehensive services and innovative themed activities, the HUB provides its visitors an exclusive experience of food, shopping, leisure and entertainment.


Aiming to be the most attractive one-stop lifestyle destination in west Shanghai, THE HUB Mall incorporates world delicacies, merchandises, parent-child zone and IMAX cinema. An 10,000 square meter floor reserved exclusively for families is expected to create joys and memories for parents and their children.

THE HUB·Xintiandi

Inheriting the international fashion atmosphere of Shanghai Xintiandi, THE HUB·Xintiandi has become the first choice for business entertainments, fashion and recreational activities with its open commercial district. The existence of children daycare and pet hosts makes a more diverse and convenient lifestyle possible.

THE HUB Office

THE HUB Showroom Office is consisted of 4 A-Grade office blocks which are all styled to be house corporate headquarters and lifestyle brand showrooms. The innovative Grade A office spaces are built in consistency of U.S. Green Building Council LEED standards. It is perfect location, adjacent to Xintiandi commercial cluster and direct connection to Hongqiao Transportation Hub, provides ideal environment both for business and recreations.

Performance Center

It is the first independent performance center located within a commercial complex in Shanghai. Designed by internationally renowned architectures and interior designers, it aims at creating a modern multi-functional space for a variety of conferences, events and performances.

  • Retail Leasing

    Tony Lu

  • Office Leasing

    Henry Hua

  • Advertisement & Venue

    Catherine Chen

  • Customer Service

    Hanna Wang